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26100 MTroniks High Voltage Locomotive Micro Speed Control

26100 MTroniks High Voltage Locomotive Micro Speed Control

Price: 40.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
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261-00 The Viper Loco10 HV is a new brushed speed controller designed specifically for use in RC Locos with a battery voltage of between 12.0V and 24.0V. The installation, set up and operation of the new HV Viper range has been designed to be exactly the same as the original Viper range which we have been 'warned' never to change!!

An exciting feature of the new 24V HV Viper range is addition of Lipo battery pack compatibility as well as the usual NiCAD/NiMH/Lead Acid and Gel cells that are more commonly used.

It has a 10Amp motor limit, what this means is that you can use any, DC brushed motor, as long as the current drawn by that motor does not exceed 10Amps under load (pulling a full load).

The Viper Loco10 HV controller also feature the new 4 quadrant control system that stops the motor completely before turning it in the opposite direction. This allows for perfectly symmetrical operation about the neutral position in both directions, allowing the modeller to achieve perfect slow control in all situations.
Other features of the Viper Loco10 HV controller are the ability to turn reverse on or off. This is done easily by a single press of the set button, allowing you to use the controller in forwards and reverse or forwards only mode and a more powerful BEC, at 2.0Amps the BEC will allow the running of more extras direct from the receiver.

This new HV version of the already popular 'microLoco10' is sure to become a popular choice with model Loco enthusiasts and is one that we have spent a lot of time thinking about. It comes with features included, such as a built in cruise control, 100% proportional, fine throttle control in both directions, and motor stall protection. Not to forget that the new Viper Loco10 HV is completely, 100% waterproof and designed to work on fully charged 24V Lead Acid batteries or a fully charged 6S Lipo pack.