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97668 Kit Building for Railway Modellers vol 2

97668 Kit Building for Railway Modellers vol 2

Ref: 97668

Price: 19.99


976-68 - Kit Building for Railway Modellers vol 2

Locomotive kit building remains the best route to achieving a varied range of motive power in most scales but it also retains a mystique, being associated with expert modellers and expensive tools. However, in this invaluable, richly illustrated volume, George Dent demonstrates how anyone can successfully assemble working kits with only a modicum of inexpensive equipment and experience. All aspects of assembly are covered in detail including working in plastics, resin and metal; the very basics of working and joining materials; installing ready-made power units and performing more complex operations, such as assembling etched metal chassis frames and intricate valve gear.

• Includes a full guide to essential tools, materials and adhesives
• Covers the art of soldering
• Explains the basics behind chassis construction and alignment
• Presents an in-depth guide to the assembly of cylinders, coupling rods and valve gear
• Examines a range of power unit and transmission options
• Demonstrates how to detail and modify kits for extra realism
• Illustrates painting, lining and weathering techniques
• Offers tips on running-in, testing and maintaining mechanisms


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