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97671 Scale Car Modelling

97671 Scale Car Modelling

Ref: 97671

Price: 16.99


976-71 - Scale Car Modelling

Cars have always appealed as model subjects as - unlike aeroplanes or military subjects - the real thing is likely to be sitting outside the modeller's house. From the first car kits produced in the early 1950s, mainly dominated by American machinery, we now have a choice of automotive examples from around the world. The joint scale of 1:24/1:25 dominates car models, and it is these scales that will mostly be found in this book, from stock builds to race cars to wild customs. In addition, although injection styrene is the main material of choice, there are specialist builds using resin, white metal and photo-etched parts.

The book includes detailed step-by-step guides for:

• Building 'out of the box'
• Customs and conversions
• Applying decals
• Dealing with resin
• Wiring and engine
• Salvaging old kits
• A dented ride for 007
• NASA's Hot Road
• Dirtying a dirt track racer
• An alien homage to Roth


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