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97674 Scratch Building Model Railway Locomotives

97674 Scratch Building Model Railway Locomotives

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976-74 - Scratch Building Model Railway Locomotives

Have you ever dreamed of being able to make a beautiful model locomotive from scratch? Do you have a favourite locomotive that you would love to reproduce in model form? Are you itching to start such a project and feel you need a helping hand? If so, this is the book for you.

Demonstrates, using step-by-step text and illustrations, how to construct a model of a pleasing J15 class, 0-6-0 steam locomotive in 00 gauge
Explains how models of other locomotives can be built by adapting the methods covered in the book.
Discusses research, preparation and acquiring, or preparing, the necessary plans and drawings for the build
Covers materials and basic hand tools and reveals how a simple dining room table can be used as a work bench
Starts with the building of the running chassis and then continues with the construction of the main locomotive body and all the fine finishing details
Provides guidance on how to get your model running smoothly
Examines essential skills, especially soldering, and considers shaping and producing parts from flat metal and tubing
Considers alternative options for chassis construction, other gauges and scales, and discusses how to build a simple diesel locomotive