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97686 Modelling The Lineside - a Guide for Railway Modellers

97686 Modelling The Lineside - a Guide for Railway Modellers

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976-86 Modelling The Lineside - a Guide for Railway Modellers

If you want to recreate in realistic model form some of the excitement of watching trains by the lineside - then this is the book for you. It contains several photographs of the available relevant products and includes numerous step-by-step illustrations, with accompanying text, that demonstrate how to build the many features of the lineside, either from kits or from scratch. Moreover, all the various aspects of modelling the lineside are brought together in four layout projects covering typical lineside scenes from the steam era right up to the present.

Defines what is meant by the lineside and discusses the design considerations that are necessary to maximize the available lineside modelling space
Examines the lineside boundary in terms of the many different types of fencing and walls
Considers the various means which people use to cross the line such as level crossings and footbridges
Covers the many structures by the lineside such as huts and water towers
Explores in detail the use of model figures and road vehicles
Discusses signalling and covers signal boxes, types of signals, turnout rodding and concrete trunking
Demonstrates how to produce realistic models of numerous miscellaneous lineside features such as signs, telegraph poles, graffiti and rubbish