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MIG4531 ACCESSORIES The Weathering Magazine Issue 32

MIG4531 ACCESSORIES The Weathering Magazine Issue 32

Ref: MIG4531

Price: 8.00


ACCESSORIES The Weathering Magazine Issue 32

Reference: A.MIG-4531
Title: The Weathering Magazine Issue 32 - Accessories
Author/s: Kreangkrai Paojinda, Lukasz Kapelski, Sergiusz Peczek, Artur Miniszewski, Paulo Carreño, Mig Jiménez y Chema Martínez
Publisher: AMMO by Mig Jiménez
Language: English
No. of pages & Description: Soft cover, 68 pages with high-quality full colour photographs

The latest issue of your favourite magazine concentrates on an important aspect of any build: accessories. The details and optional accessories that bring realism into your modelling projects, add narrative, or complete a diorama. These accessories present interesting painting and weathering opportunities. For example, few WWII German projects are complete without “German Jerry Cans,” stowage and sandbags are a popular subject with armour modellers, tank ammunition and ammo crates including the different metallic areas and textured woods.

Mig Jimenez, explains the processes behind painting and weathering a large fabric gun mantlet: adding interest and texture to the material.

Each technique and effect explained in this latest issue can be applied to a range of subjects: whether a beginner or experienced modeller this issue will leave you inspired for your next project!


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