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97663 Metal Turning on the Lathe

97663 Metal Turning on the Lathe

Ref: 97663

Price: 14.99


976-63 Metal Turning on the Lathe.

The lathe is an essential tool for all but the most basic of workshops. It enables the engineer to produce turned components to a high degree of accuracy. Often called the 'king of machine tools', it is also very versatile and can be used to make a wide range of engineering components. This new book shows you how to make full use of your lathe safely and effectively in your workshop.

Topics covered include:

• A guide to choosing a lathe looking at different sizes and features available
• Advice on installing and maintaining a lathe, selecting and sharpening tools, and working with chucks
• Instruction on a range of techniques ranging from how to hold work in a collet through to cutting a screw thread


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