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GU1658 Gunther Apex Rubber Power

GU1658 Gunther Apex Rubber Power

Ref: GU1658

Price: 19.95 (Including VAT at 20%)


GU1658 Gunther Apex Rubber Power

Our rubber-band-powered propeller aircraft are ingeniously simple: they fly very far without any electricity at all. That’s because they are powered by a rubber band attached to the propeller. To ensure that these powerful little aircraft are not damaged on landing, we have reinforced them on all sides. Before launching, you simply wind the propeller by hand until the rubber band inside the aircraft is fully tensioned. Then off it goes! The propeller starts rotating at high speed and the rubber band has sufficient tension for a very long flight.

Age: 7+
Size: 49 x 50 cm
Made in Germany


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