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SO128369 Soudal Bike Wipes 50PCS

SO128369 Soudal Bike Wipes 50PCS

Ref: SO128369

Price: 3.99 (Including VAT at 20%)



EXTRA LARGE wet-cleaning wipes. Specially developed for the quick, easy and professional removal of dirt from bicycles, hands and tools. The wipes will remove grease, sand, oils and many different dirt residues. More effective
than water and soap. Excellent degreasing and cleaning properties. Safe to use.

• Extra large wet-cleaning wipes
• Cleans tools, hands and bicycles
• Removes grease and dirt
• Safe to use

Cleaning of hands, tools and bicycles. Removes all kinds of dirt such as oil, grease, cleaning detergents and wax in a safe manner.


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