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Model Tools and Airbrushes are our speciality.

Established in 1981, Expo Drills & Tools are expert distributors of quality Model & Hobby products.

Many items have been specially developed by us, and are used by professionals & hobbyists alike.

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Our aim is to supply high quality items at sensible prices and to provide an excellent service to our customers.

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Best Selling Items

AB602 Expo Airbrush Deal


AB602 - Expo Airbrush Deal Look whats included: High Quality Dual Action, Gravity Feed Airbrush ...
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78040 6pc Expo Nutrunner Set


Set includes 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5mm. Suitable for 6/8/10/12/14 & 16BA Nuts. High quality tips manufactured in chrome vanadium steel, heat ...
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79920 Expo Professional Rapid Cable Stripper


799-20 Expo Professional Rapid Cable Stripper Strips mains cable outer sheath without adjustment! Features: ...
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75070 Pin Vice with Micro 3 Jaw Chuck


750-70 Very High Quality Pin Vice with Micro 3 Jaw Chuck. Holds drill sizes 0.1 to 2.5mm ...
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97653 Digital Command Control for Railway Modellers


976-53 Digital Command Control for Railway Modellers. From background information on the technology itself to layout wiring; ...
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AB500 Expo Portable Spray Booth


Expo Portable Spray Booth This high quality portable spray booth is ideal for spray painting. Features: ...
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New Products

2A-000-005 Dapol N Gauge Magnetic Coupling


2A-000-005 Dapol N Gauge Magnetic Coupling


Easi-Fit magnetic couplings are an easy way to convert your NEM rolling stock for hands free remote coupling and uncoupling. These are the Medium arm variant and the pack contains one pair of couplings.

Knuckle length from the pocket front to the end of the knuckle approximately 7.6mm
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2A-000-009 Dapol N Gauge Magnetic Coupling Conversion Kit For Non NEM Pockets


2A-000-009 Dapol N Gauge Magnetic Coupling Conversion Kit For Non NEM Pockets

This kit contains everything you need to convert your non-NEM rolling stock to NEM and has been especially developed to work with our Easi-fit magnetic couplings. The kit contains 5 NEM pockets and sleeves, a handy multi-functional measuring gauge that will set the positioning of your pocket correctly, help with the setting of trip pin height and can be further used as a handy track and back to back gauge.
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2A-000-014 Dapol N Gauge 20 Pockets For NEM Couplings


2A-000-014 Dapol N Gauge 20 Pockets For NEM Couplings (20 Inners, Outers & Shims)

20 Complete NEM pockets (20 Inners, outers and shims) to be used for converting non-NEM stock to NEM. These have been especially developed to work with our Easi-fit magnetic couplings but can be used to convert any non-NEM stock. The use of of the gauge in NSPARE9 is recommended.
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A12008 Airfix Handley Page Victor B.2 1:72 scale


A12008 Airfix Handley Page Victor B.2 1:72 scale

Arguably the most capable of Britain’s Cold War V-Bombers, the Handley Page Victor is certainly one of the most distinctive jet bombers to ever see service. With its high mounted T-tail and impressive crescent wing, the Victor saw service as a conventional bomber, nuclear bomber and finally as an airborne tanker aircraft, before its eventual retirement in 1993.

Handley Page Victors of Britain’s nuclear deterrent force were finished in an all over white anti-flash paint scheme, which was intended to afford some protection to the aircraft and crew in the event of a nuclear detonation – thankfully, the effectiveness of this system was never called upon. The final RAF Victors wore a hemp and light aircraft grey scheme, following their involvement in the Gulf War, in an in-flight re-fuelling capacity.

Perhaps the most famous use of the Victor tanker aircraft was the significant role they played in the ‘Black Buck’ missions of the Falklands conflict. The plan to deny Argentine forces the ability to use Port Stanley airfield called on a single Vulcan bomber to attack the airfield and render the runway unusable. With the nearest airfield available to the British being on Ascension Island some 3,800 miles away, the Vulcan would have to be refuelled many times during the flight, which would become the longest bombing mission in history.

The refuelling plan to support the Port Stanley Vulcan attack would require eleven Victor tankers to take off at the same time, to provide fuel for both the Vulcan and the other Victors. Once the attack had been completed, five more Victors would be needed to bring the Vulcan home.

Confirmed artwork to follow - proposed liveries:

Livery A: B.2 XL512 139 Squadron
Livery B: B.2, XL189 RAF Wittering

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164052 Unimat 4-jaw chuck steel


164-052 4-jaw chuck steel

clamping range:

inside 1.5 - 25/52 mm

outside < 65 mm
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162492 Unimat Classic 12V Distribution Cabinet with 5 outlets and 2 cables


162-492 Connect several UNIMAT1 12V adapters to one Power Source.

Drive up to 5 motors at the same time.

Ideal for the Power Drive Unit
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