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73840 Headband Magnifier with 3 lenses

73840 Headband Magnifier with 3 lenses

Price: 25.95 (Including VAT at 20%)
 in stock


738-40 Headband Magnifier
with 3 lenses.
Features 3 seperate lenses, all
contained within the unit, which
enables the user to quickly switch
between four different
magnification strengths.
4 Different magnification strengths:
LENS A only: 1.8x
LENS A + B together: 2.3x
LENS A + C together: 3.7x
LENS A + B + C together: 4.8x.
Velcro adjustable
headstrap fits all
Lens B is hinged &
sprung -and can be
clipped in position
behind Lens A when

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