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WR304 Wooden City Bi-Plane

WR304 Wooden City Bi-Plane

Price: 24.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
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Meet the Biplane Wooden Puzzle 3D, a marvel of mechanical engineering presented in a beautifully designed wooden model. This biplane serves as a testament to the beauty and precision inherent in aviation.

3D Wooden Puzzle Motorbike: Assembly and Artistry Combined

The 3D Wooden Puzzle Motorbike isn’t just a model—it’s a journey. As you assemble it, you’ll not only piece together an iconic biplane, but you’ll also immerse yourself in the unique beauty and functionality of mechanical engineering.
A Mechanical Marvel

The Biplane boasts a functioning rubber-band motor, allowing it to move both forward and backward up to a distance of about 19.68 inches (0.5 m). As an added feature, this biplane comes with a pull-back mechanism, further enhancing its functionality and interactivity.
Transformative Packaging

The packaging is as functional as it is eco-friendly. Once you’ve assembled your biplane, you can repurpose the wooden box into a stand for the model, creating a perfect display piece for your living room, office, or wherever you choose to show off your craftsmanship.

Perfect Gift Idea

This model kit makes for an excellent gift, suitable for both young and older enthusiasts. It offers not only the fun of assembly but also the joy of creating a personalized piece of decor.

From Assembly to Art

Once assembled, the Biplane serves as a unique decor item, an embodiment of mechanical artistry that adds a touch of aviation nostalgia and DIY charm to any space.

Characteristic Features

Our Biplane is designed with remarkable attention to detail. It includes a rubber motor, rubber on wheels for enhanced grip, a brightly painted body, and a reverse movement feature. These elements all contribute to the overall aesthetic and performance of the model.

Personalize Your Biplane

The Biplane model provides an opportunity for a personal touch. You can choose to paint the model according to your own tastes and style, adding an extra layer of creativity to the assembly process.

Epic Skies, Family Ties

Embrace the golden age of aviation with your loved ones. Construct the Biplane together, forging bonds and sparking creativity. Relive history, discuss daring pilots, and dream big. An exhilarating family project that elevates bonding to new heights. Craft, connect, and fly high!

Concluding Thoughts

The Biplane Wooden Puzzle is more than a model. It’s a reflection of the marvels of mechanical engineering, the joy of assembly, and the pleasure of personalized decor. It stands as a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of its assembler, making it a rewarding journey from start to finish.

Additional information
Weight: 0.31 kg
Packaging Dimensions: 24 × 17.5 × 2.8 cm
Assembly time: 2h
Colour: Natural Wood
Difficulty level: Easy Level
Mechanical functions: Yes
Model Scale: 1:60
Pieces: 0 to 99
Recommended age: 12+, Under Adult Supervision, Adults