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WR312 Wooden City Magic Clock

WR312 Wooden City Magic Clock

Price: 54.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
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Introducing the Magic Clock Wooden Puzzle 3D, a blend of timeless artistry and mechanical intricacy. This premium product hails from Poland, embodying a tradition of extraordinary craftsmanship and unique design.

Step into the Realm of the 3D Wooden Puzzle Clock

The 3D Wooden Puzzle Clock is more than just an assembly project. This is where high-density birchwood metamorphoses into a sophisticated timepiece, gracing your desk with its royal retro style.
Mechanical Marvels Unfold

In this horological adventure, you’ll unravel an elegant combination of gears, pendulum, and clock hands, all powered by a rubber motor. The clock is windable with a key, much like a timepiece from a bygone era, echoing vintage aesthetics and engineering precision.
Transformative Stand and Display

Adding an extra touch of versatility, the package includes a wooden box that transforms into a stand, showcasing your assembled Magic Clock. It’s not just a model, but a centerpiece that stands out in your decor with its timeless elegance and engaging mechanics.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Whether for a loved one, a friend, or yourself, the Magic Clock is more than a gift. It’s a symbol of time, artistry, and engineering, all wrapped into one. Its appeal lies not just in its royal aesthetics, but also in the joy of assembly, making it a memorable and enduring present.

Classic Decor Element

Emulating a retro royal vibe, this tabletop clock serves as a remarkable piece of decor. It adds a layer of vintage charm to your space, contributing an element of sophistication that transcends time.

Personalize Your Timepiece

Let your creativity soar as you add your personal touch to this clock. Paint it to reflect your artistic essence and complement your decor, creating a unique piece that’s truly yours.

Where Time Meets Enchantment

Dive into a world where magic and mechanics intertwine. With your family by your side, assemble the Magic Clock, and watch as time takes on a whimsical twist. Each tick and tock resonates with laughter, bonding, and shared memories. It’s more than just crafting a timepiece; it’s about weaving magical moments that last forever. Ideal for families who cherish enchantment!

High Quality in Every Detail

Built with the finest birchwood, each piece of the Magic Clock puzzle is crafted to perfection. The assembly process is a journey of exploration and satisfaction, leading to a stunning end product.

Unveil the magic of time with our Magic Clock. Assemble, paint, and display this sophisticated piece, an ode to the harmony of artistry and mechanics, a conversation starter that doubles as a royal retro decoration.

Additional information
Weight: 0.89 kg
Packaging Dimensions: 35.5 × 24 × 4 cm
Assembly time: 5h
Difficulty level: Hard Level
Pieces: 100 to 149
Natural Wood
Mechanical functions: Yes
Recommended age: 14+, Under Adult Supervision, Adults