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WR313 Wooden City Pendulum

WR313 Wooden City Pendulum

Price: 69.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
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Welcome to the exquisite world of the Pendulum Wooden Puzzle 3D. An embodiment of polish craftsmanship and European finesse, the Pendulum is more than just a 3D puzzle, it’s a mesmerizing fusion of aesthetics and mechanics.

Experience the Charm of the 3D Wooden Puzzle

Our 3D Wooden Puzzle – the Pendulum is an extraordinary mechanical wonder. Designed with high-density birchwood, this pendulum will enchant you with its harmonious movements, while the assembly process will appeal to your problem-solving skills and creative imagination.
Decor in a Royal Retro Style

The Pendulum is not only a testament to mechanical ingenuity but also a distinctive decor piece. It carries the grandeur of a royal retro style, and its rhythmic motion adds a dynamic element to your decor. Its wall-mounted design ensures it becomes a focal point in your space.
A Gift of Unforgettable Experiences

Looking for a unique gift that combines creativity, mechanics, and art? The Pendulum is the perfect answer. Its assembly process is an intriguing journey, and the final product is a fascinating decor element. This pendulum is sure to bring joy to anyone who appreciates the beauty of mechanics and the charm of retro decor.

Master the Mechanics

This captivating pendulum is an exemplar of mechanical prowess. By harnessing the power of a counterweight driving mechanism, it swings in rhythmic harmony. Once set in motion, its soothing oscillation provides a calming presence in any setting.

Crafted for Calm

The rhythmic swing of the Pendulum holds a calming effect, turning it into more than just a decorative element. Watching its steady oscillation can provide a soothing escape, making it a piece of living art that adds tranquility to your space.

Swaying Memories, One Tick at a Time

Delve into a captivating experience with your family, building the Pendulum Clock. Each moment is enriched as the pendulum sways, symbolizing timeless bonds. Stitch past, present, and future in this rhythmic dance of craftsmanship. Together, create more than a clock — craft memories that’ll resonate forever. Perfect for families seeking meaningful time!

Personalize Your Pendulum

The Pendulum offers an opportunity for personalization. You can bring your creative vision to life by adding color to your pendulum, making it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that bears your unique touch.

Join us in exploring the enchanting world of mechanics with the Pendulum Wooden Puzzle 3D. Whether it’s the joy of assembling the puzzle, the calm of the swinging pendulum, or the charm of its royal retro style, there’s something for everyone to love about this extraordinary model.

Additional information
Weight: 1 kg
Packaging Dimensions: 35.5 × 24 × 4 cm
Assembly time: 5h
Difficulty level: Medium Level
Pieces: 100 to 149
Colour: Natural Wood
Mechanical functions: Yes
Recommended age: 12+, Under Adult Supervision, Adults