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WR340 Wooden City Caf racer

WR340 Wooden City Café racer

Price: 29.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
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Unleash your creativity with the Cafe Racer Wooden Puzzle 3D, a meticulously crafted model that brings together the beauty of birch and the thrill of mechanics. Experience firsthand the process of assembling this iconic motorcycle from scratch and watch it transform into a work of art.

3D Wooden Puzzle Motorbike – A Journey into Engineering Marvel

Dive into the 3D Wooden Puzzle Motorbike assembly and prepare for an engaging mechanical adventure. This cafe racer motorcycle, created with the utmost attention to detail, invites both kids and adults to explore the principles of mechanics and engineering in an exciting hands-on way.
Thrilling Movement Features

This Cafe Racer motorcycle model brings to life the dynamics of real motorcycles. Featuring a pull-back mechanism, the model moves forward and backward, covering a distance of approximately 1 meter (39,37"). It’s powered by a rubber-band motor, giving you an intriguing glimpse into the mechanism of motion.
Detailing that Captures Imagination

The model boasts a myriad of details to enhance its realism and functionality. It includes rubber on wheels for increased grip and control, reverse movement capability, and even imitation lights. The presence of control elements like the steering wheel and levers further amplifies the realistic experience of assembling and handling this model.

More than Just Packaging

Even the packaging of this model has been carefully designed to play a dual role. Not only does it ensure the safe transportation of the puzzle pieces, but it can also be transformed into a stand for the assembled model, ideal for displaying the completed Cafe Racer motorcycle.

An Ideal Gift

This Cafe Racer model can be an exceptional gift for those passionate about mechanics, puzzles, and DIY projects. Its interactive assembly process provides hours of fun and learning, while the finished product serves as an impressive display piece that adds character to any room.

From a Puzzle to Decor

Once assembled, this motorcycle model transcends the realm of toys and puzzles to become an intriguing piece of decor. Its distinctive design and mechanical features make it a conversation starter, sure to catch the eye of every visitor.

Get Creative

This Cafe Racer model comes unpainted, leaving room for you to add a personal touch. Feel free to paint it in colors of your choice, allowing you to create a truly unique masterpiece that reflects your style and personality.

Family Thrills with the Cafe Racer

Embrace the spirit of classic racing! The Cafe Racer offers endless family fun, kindling creativity and teamwork. Dive into nostalgia, piece by piece, crafting tales of speed and style. Perfect for cherished family moments, let’s rev those bonding engines together!


With the Cafe Racer model, you get more than just a puzzle. You embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the intricacies of mechanical movement, honing your assembly skills, and finally, creating a stunning piece of decor that’s entirely your own. There’s nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment and the joy that comes with completing this mechanical marvel.

Additional information
Weight: 0.3 kg
Packaging Dimensions: 24 × 17.5 × 2.8 cm
Assembly time: 1.5h
Colour: Natural Wood
Difficulty level: Medium Level
Mechanical functions: Yes
Model Scale: 1:16
Pieces: 0 to 99
Recommended age: 12+, Under Adult Supervision, Adults